Service Commitment

We uphold the philosophy of “Responsibility, Professionalism, Innovation”. And we insist on providing excellent medical products and technology to our business partners.

Through close collaboration with our partners, we strive to develop innovative products, satisfy customer needs, and committed to promoting a better lifestyle.


We cooperate closely with business partners through worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Israel, South Korea, China, and other regions.

Based on spanning diverse cultures and markets, we provide our partners with high clinical value of medical equipment and technology to assist them in satisfying customer needs. Bridgecon is committed to offering comprehensive support and assistance.

Through cooperation with these professional partners, we could help our partners to provide quality medical aesthetic products and technology to their customers

Clinical Commitment

We are committed to providing products with high clinical value.

At the same time, our team actively engages in clinical education, relentlessly pursuing excellence to ensure optimal product performance.

Marketing Experience

We are well-versed in Taiwan’s medical aesthetics market, equipped with professional marketing resources and market insights.

We understand customer’s real needs and adeptly utilize various marketing tools to successfully shape our products into the preferred brand among customers.

Local Competence

The Bridgecon team closely monitors market dynamics, accurately anticipates future trends, and actively introduces distinctive medical products.

Additionally, we possess extensive experience in applying for medical device licenses, enabling efficient entry of products into the Taiwanese market and offering more quality choices.

Repair & Maintenance

By choosing products from Bridgecon, you will benefit from comprehensive support from our professional maintenance team.

Our maintenance team possesses extensive technical expertise, and enable to swiftly and accurately address any issues that may arise, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition at all times.