The Company

Bridgecon focuses on global medical aesthetics, introducing medical aesthetic products and technologies to enhance the quality of life with the principles of "Responsibility, Professionalism, and Innovation."

Our Mission

We value each employee, providing not only a good working environment but also opportunities for learning and growth. We encourage employees to continuously improve themselves, acquire new knowledge, and develop skills.

Our Vision

we prioritize employees’ career development by offering promotion opportunities , allowing each employee to find their own path to growth at Bridgecon.

Salary and Benefits


Birthday bonus
Holiday bonus
Employee welfare gifts
Staff purchase discounts
Performance-based bonus
Year-end bonus

Leave/Vacation Policy

Two days off per week
Paid time off
Paternity leave
Family care leave (with pay)
Menstrual leave for female employees
Early dismissal on two Wednesdays
per month

Leisure and Entertainment

Domestic or overseas travel
Departmental gatherings
Monthly birthday celebrations

Family Care

Wedding gift,
Maternity/paternity gift
Condolence gift


Education and training
Smooth promotion channels
Fair salary adjustment system

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